About Leanne


As I get older and grow deeper in my relationship with God I find that I’m no longer content with living an unintentional life. I spent many years beating through a path of self-destruction to emerge at this point where life has opened up with beauty and grace I never knew before. More and more I am comfortable with who I am, without apology. I’m done pretending. I am who I am.

A few facts – 44 years old, mother to an amazing 16 year old daughter, vegan since 2011, Christian and actively involved in my church, recovering addict (since 2001) and member of a 12 step fellowship. And I live in Durban, South Africa – where our winters are mild summers.

I swim. I run. I love as abundantly and recklessly as I’m able to. I like the space outside the comfort zone.

Experimental solo-poly. Experimental relationship anarchist. Non-heteronormative. LGBTQI-ally.

If you’re so inclined you can also follow me on facebook and instagram.

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