No More Excuses! Now what?

If you read my last blog post you will know that I’ve declared 2019 to be my year of No More Excuses. There are three areas of my life that I decided to focus on: giving back, God, and exercise. So far I’ve made an excellent start to my commitment. And there are opportunities for you to get involved in these areas too!

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Giving Back
There are two ways you can get involved with this:

On the last Sunday of every month (starting this Sunday 27th January) I’ll be volunteering in the Denis Hurley Centre kitchen. Five days a week about 200-250 breakfasts and lunches are served for free to the homeless citizens in the Durban city centre. Email me on if you’d like to come along. All that’s required is your time and an open heart.

The Sirens: Tarryn, Kerrin and Leanne

If early Sunday mornings are not your favourite time of day, you can still help in the ‘Giving Back’ department by financially donating to the charity Midmar Mile swim that Tarryn Low, Kerrin McAlpine and I will be doing on Saturday 9th February. You can visit our BackaBuddy page here ( for more information. We’re attempting to raise R 9,000 which will provide free healthcare for 150 refugees or homeless people. So far we’ve raised just over R 1,000.

God / Spirituality
There is even a way for you get involved with this!


In April I’m running a Prayer & Meditation Retreat in beautiful Underberg. If you’re new to prayer and meditation, this weekend retreat will introduce you to simple practices which will help give you direction and space to breathe. If you’re feeling stuck in your practices, or just bored with the same routine, the weekend retreat will give you a kick start, and may even introduce you to new ways of being closer to God and finding direction. The retreat is designed for 15 participants and there are only 4 spaces left! If you’d like more information or would like to register for the retreat email me on

I’ve gotten off the couch and have run, swum, and done my physio rehab exercises consistently. I even participated in my first ever duathlon! What?? It was a very short distance swim-run event but it was so much fun. I will definitely be back for more! So how can you get involved in this No More Excuses endeavour? I’ll be starting an informal Parkrun group in May.

What are your “No More Excuses” commitments for 2019? And how can I help support you?

4 thoughts on “No More Excuses! Now what?

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  2. I’ll probably say blogging. 2018 was a VERY lazy year for me in terms of writing and for this year, I’ve committed to invest more time towards this and get connected to more people and their stories.

    I’d like to donate to your (charity) cause very soon and I’d be following your commitments-progress over the time. Keep it updated please, you’ve taken up wonderful initiative 🙂


    • 2018 was also a lazy blogging year for me. Nice to know we’re not alone! Do you have a plan for writing more? I also want to connect more with people and their stories and I hope that by inviting people to join me on my journey that I will have opportunity to connect more.
      Thanks for the support 🙂


      • Oh wow! Let’s move forward together.

        To start with, I’m training for a race. Posting about my training progress should keep me committed for a couple of months. I guess that would be the push I need at this point.

        I’m sure that while you’re on your journey, you’ll connect to many people all across the globe with similar cause and stories 🙂 It’s a slow but steady process.


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